Switch between Markdown and rich text editing on-the-fly

TextNut provides an unique rich editing mode in which the Markdown marker characters are just triggers. You fully concentrate on the content without the interference of the marker characters. You can switch between rich text and Markdown at any time without losing your text formatting.

WYSIWYG Markdown editing

TextNut combines the power of Markdown with the simplicity of rich text editing. It is 100% compatible with CommonMark specification.

Language Syntax Highlighting

TextNut supports most major language syntax highlighting. Just enclosing source code into fenced or indent code block, either declaring the language name, i.e. Python, Java, XML etc, or let TextNut automatically detect the language type.

Easy document management

Create Library to hold documents or Link Existed Folder in your Mac. Drag and drop document between libraries. Add tags to organise your documents. All your documents are automatically saved as you work.

Sync by iCloud or Dropbox

The documents managed by TextNut can be synchronised by iCloud or Dropbox across Mac, iPhone or iPad.


Six beautiful themes are provided by default. You can create your own themes easily. With the Zen mode, you can fully concentrate on your writing in a beautiful environment.


You can preview or export the document in PDF, HTML, RTF or share via Email. Publishing to Medium, Blogger or Wordpress with images.

Zen Model

A beautiful distraction free frameless window let you fully concentrate.

Advanced Markdown styles

Easily create multiple level lists or task and change list markers. By typing {, you also can add footnotes, images or tags.

Contextual help

TextNut features a help system that displays dynamic help tips when you need them. The help panel is clickable to apply formatting easily.